Save the Date

The eagerly awaited book will be published in a few weeks time and to mark the event we will be holding a launch on Saturday 9th August.

We are finalising the invitations now. We sincerely hope to meet all the contributing writers and we will be welcoming the general public too, so spread the word!

Good News Coming!

The three winning pieces have been chosen by Leila Aboulela and were disclosed today to the Creative Writing from the Sudans team! We are currently in the process of writing to all the contestants with the results of the competition. Once that’s done, we’ll post the winners on here.

Competition Closed!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Creative Writing from the Sudans competition. We have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received and we are so excited about the number, quality and variety of the entries. The competition is now closed and we have started reviewing the submissions. We’re impressed! Acclaimed author Leila Aboulela will be choosing the three winning entries. Once the decisions have been made we’ll be writing to every entrant to let them know if they’ve been successful.

Look out for updates about the progress we’re making with the book on this page.

Excitement Mounts!

With over 30 entries received so far, the team at Creative Writing from the Sudans would like to thank everyone who has submitted a piece to the project so far. We’re particularly impressed by the quality and variety of submissions thus far. There have been excellent pieces from both Sudan and South Sudan and from Sudanese and non-Sudanese entrants, all of whom wished to share their experiences of the Sudans.  Submissions have been from across the globe including England, India, Iraq, China.

We’re aware of the recent struggles in the Sudans, particularly in the south. The committee has therefore decided to extend the deadline until 30th April, in order to give those affected an opportunity to submit their piece.

We will write to all those who have submitted after the extended deadline and inform them whether their pieces will be published. We hope you are as excited as we are to read the book once it is published.

Both Sudans Represented

A big thank you from all the Creative Writing from the Sudans team for all the support we have received from people around the world so far. We’ve received articles, poems and stories about both Sudan and South Sudan from people of all nationalities. We hoped from the outset that both nations would be represented and we’re really pleased that this has been the case. We hope that this continues!

Interest and support for the project has far surpassed our expectations with over 8,000 visitors to the website, from 63 different countries. We are looking forward to publishing a very special book

We continue to welcome entries until 30th April 2014

Competition Extended – 30th April 2014

The Team continues to be overwhelmed by the interest shown in the Project. We thank you for the many written contributions we have received thus far.

In order to receive as many written contributions as possible, and in light of the current problems in South Sudan, we have decided it is a wise decision to extend the deadline for competition entries. The final date for submissions will now be 30th APRIL 2014.

With the gift of more time to put pen to paper, we look forward to seeing all your entries in our inbox (!


With over 6,000 views to the website, we are thankful for all the interest and support that has been shown for Creative Writing from the Sudans and hope this continues 

We are extremely pleased with the amount of international attention we have received thus far. Visitors to our website reaching from: the United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, many other countries in the Middle East all the way to Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Senegal, Austrailia, New Zealand, Barbados and even more remote countries such as Djibouti and the Maldives!

We hope we receive entries from all those who have expressed an interest so far and visited the website, as well as financial contributions if you like what this project is about and would like to offer more support.