Our Aims & Philosophy

This innovative writing project attempts to attract creative writing from a wide range of Sudanese and others who have had a memorable experience in the Sudans and have developed a love of the country and its peoples. Much of the current writing about the Sudans is negative and yet those who know the Sudans will realise that these stories are only part of the true picture of a vast country rich in heritage and a variety of cultures, languages and ethnic groups.

This project aims to give a positive view of the whole country, without straying into politics and religion. There is so much to know and share about Sudan and her peoples.

Our Aims:

  1. To rebalance the negative perceptions many people hold of Sudan.
  2. To offer an encouragement to young Sudanese and those who have had a memorable experience in the Sudans, to express their feelings, their commitment and admiration for the Sudans and its peoples.
  3. By holding a writers’ competition, to publish a range of creative writing which can reach a wide audience in the Sudans, Britain and elsewhere.

Our Philosophy:

We call forth on you to write about the Sudans!  The Creative Writing from the Sudans Project aims to remind us all what we love about the Sudans, its peoples, and its festive culture.

We hope to change the negative perception of the Sudans through capturing experiences by both Sudanese and non-Sudanese writers, who have a loving relationship with the Sudans.

We hope to encourage creativity in a community full of inspired and enthusiastic minds.

We hope this project will allow people to embrace and express their feelings about the Sudanese culture, while simultaneously demonstrating the talents this culture has helped nurture.

We hope to give people a platform to express their admiration for their country.

We hope this project shows how the Sudans have affected non-Sudanese people profoundly; allowing them to express their love and reasons for their admiration of the nations.

We hope that we will be able to capture the lighter side of Sudanese life: the weddings; the family gatherings; the hustle and bustle of the Sudanese markets, painting a picture of the Sudan you have grown to love and cherish.

Most of all, we hope that this project is a meaningful dedication to the Sudans and her peoples; a way in which we can all express our feelings for the lands which hold a special place in our hearts.

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