Excitement Mounts!

With over 30 entries received so far, the team at Creative Writing from the Sudans would like to thank everyone who has submitted a piece to the project so far. We’re particularly impressed by the quality and variety of submissions thus far. There have been excellent pieces from both Sudan and South Sudan and from Sudanese and non-Sudanese entrants, all of whom wished to share their experiences of the Sudans.  Submissions have been from across the globe including England, India, Iraq, China.

We’re aware of the recent struggles in the Sudans, particularly in the south. The committee has therefore decided to extend the deadline until 30th April, in order to give those affected an opportunity to submit their piece.

We will write to all those who have submitted after the extended deadline and inform them whether their pieces will be published. We hope you are as excited as we are to read the book once it is published.