About Ali Ali

ali nile

Ali Ali is a Sudanese born Medical Doctor who arrived in the UK at the age of one. He regularly visits the Sudan and is keen to promote and support projects that help Sudanese people both in the UK and in Sudan.  Ali was the founding member of the University of Cambridge Sudanese Society and helped set up The Queen Mary Sudanese Society.  He is a member of the Sudanese Medical Association (SMA) UK and Ireland and was one of the main organisers of the third annual SMA conference held in Medani. The conference resulted in the successful twinning of Medani Hospital and St James’s Hospital in Dublin Ireland and achieved a formal commitment by the Irish delegates to train Sudanese doctors and assist the oncology service in Sudan with funding and equipment.

Ali is also a committee member of the Youth Factor, a British Sudanese youth group, which aims to promote the interests and activities of the Sudanese youth and has been particularly active in the group’s academic workshops. He regularly advises and is a strong supporter of “Children of Sudan” a UK registered charity founded by his sister Islam which aims to better the future of children of the Sudan.

Ali has always been keen to promote the good that Sudan has to offer through its heritage, traditions and culture which he feels has not had the opportunity to be appreciated. He joins Rod Usher, Djamela Magid and Amal Osman in this project because he believes Creative Writing from the Sudans will be a way for both Sudanese and non-Sudanese who have an attachment to Sudan to express themselves freely about Sudan in a novel and unique way.

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